Raw Materials

We offer highly reliable, imported raw materials at low cost.

In mineral-resource rich China, all sorts of mineral products and basic chemicals are produced as industrial raw materials. TOMATEC, with more than 40 years of experience in trading and doing transactions with China, can select manufacturers with superior quality and skills from the viewpoint of a material manufacturer and directly import low-cost yet quality raw materials from all over China.
We then deliver only those materials that passed our rigorous quality inspection using our high-precision analytical instruments. Our technical assistance on demand, and stable product offering and support organization are services which differentiates us from general import companies, and are appreciated as unique by customers from a variety of fields.

•Product Portfolio

Example of Application Raw Material Name
Paint Barium sulfate
Titanium oxide
Pigment (Organic pigment) sulfamic acid
Barium chloride
Strontium chloride
Manganese chloride
(Inorganic pigment) Antimony oxide
Cobalt hydroxide
Chromium oxide
Manganese dioxide
Barium sulfate
Plastic (Flame retardant material) Aluminum hydroxide
Antimony oxide
Steel (Flux) Lithium carbonate
Sodium fluoride
(Plating) Stannous sulfate
Stannous oxide
Chromium trioxide
(Welding rod) Magnesium fluoride
Magnetic Materials (Hard ferrite) Strontium carbonate
Barium carbonate
(Soft ferrite) Zinc oxide
Bismuth oxide
Paper-making Titanium oxide
Other (Catalyst, cooling material) Strontium hydroxide
(Heating material) Iron powder, Activated carbon
(Water purifying compounds) Activated carbon
(Fertilizer) Manganese sulfate
(Glaze) Minium
(Fire extinguishing agent) Ammonium phosphate
(Capacitor) Potassium phosphate
(Abrasive) Cerium oxide, Chromium oxide
(Surface treatment) Sodium orthosilicate

* Do not hesitate to contact us should your product of interest not listed above.